The Circle Maker

The Circle MakerI mostly read books to get new ideas, learn from others and get inspiration that I can apply to my own life and work.  As I read, I underline the statements or sections that resonate with me and I may want to recall.  If they are really good, I will write it on a note card and put it in a box if notecards that I specifically use as quotes or illustrations in other writings or lessons.

The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson is one of those books that encouraged me in a number of areas and I thought I would share some of the ideas and thoughts that I underlined.  The book is based on a true legend of Honi the circle maker.  He was a first-century Jewish sage whose prayer ended a drought and saved a generation.  I hope that you are also encouraged and inspired by some of Mark’s thoughts.

  • P.25 Define your dream, claim your promise and spell  your miracle.
  • P.37 But we should praise God for disappointment because it drives us to our knees.  Disappointment is like dream defibrillation.  If we respond to it in the right way, disappointment can actually restore our prayer rhythm and resurrect our dreams.
  • P.44  The older you get, the more faith you should have because you’ve experienced more of God’s faithfulness.
  • P.45 We lose faith in the God who gave us the big dream and settle for a small dream that we can accomplish without His help.  We go after dreams that don’t require divine intervention.
  • P.48  But if you aren’t willing to step out of the boat, you’ll never walk on water…In order to experience a miracle you have to take a risk…You cannot build God’s reputation if you aren’t willing to risk yours.
  • P.57   If you give beyond your ability, God will bless you beyond your ability.
  • P.58  Writing is praying with a keyboard
  • P.73  God is infinitely bigger than your biggest problem or biggest dream.
  • P.112  We want a one-week or one-month or one-year supply of God’s provision, but God wants us to drop to our knees every day in raw dependence on Him
  • P.127  I’m grateful for the moments God got in the way of my plans and rerouted me.
  • P.165 Those moments of absolute brokenness before God are too few and far between.
  • P.196  I’m not looking for the path of least resistance; I’m looking for the path of greatest glory.
  • P.213  When you dream big, pray hard, and think long, there is nothing God cannot do.

My hope is that these thoughts can also encourage you in the challenges you encounter and dreams you have.

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