A Resolution for the New Year

New Years Resolution

Originating from the Nigerian Igbo culture “Ora na azu nwa” means “it takes a village to raise a child.”  In the 50’s our neighbors knew and associated with our grandparents, parents and kids of the community.  Kids and families were cultivated with a broad support net that cared for them and watched over them in the home and in the community.  As America prospered our small towns grew, we chased our careers, left our home towns, communities, and families that knit us together.   Our support nets became distant or non-existant.  Today in our culture there are so many things competing for the heart and minds of our childern.  As parents we are stretched and the village that seeks to raise our kids does not know our family, they do not care for our kids, or share common values.  We need a village to compliment our weaknesses, fill in the gaps, be our eyes and ears, care for us and come around in support of us.  We need a community that cares for us, shares our values and watches our coming and going.  We can resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, or exercise more and these are all good resolutions.  As a mom or dad that seeks to lead and protect the hearts and minds of your kids there is no greater opportunity to lead this year then by resolving to have your family engaged in worship and Bible study every week.  Find a local church where your family can experience authentic worship, be empowered with teaching of biblical truths, apply your talents to serve others, and claim the support net of a village raise your child.  If you are not consistently committed to attending worship and bible study every week I challenge you to make this your new years resolution. 

Happy New Year!

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