Birthday Letters from Dad

Birthday Letters

Do you want to make a lasting impression on your kids and give them a gift they may treasure for their entire life?  Do you want to find an opportunity to communicate to your kids that you love them and are proud of them?  Do you want to recall great memories that you shared with your kids?  Practice the lost art of writing a hand written letter.  This past year I started writing a letter to each child on their birthdays.  I used the letter as an opportunity to reflect on the past year.  I list some of their accomplishments, the time we spent together and memories that I would want to treasure.  I share with them my feelings of joy, love, pride and appreciation.  Kids need to be secure in their relationship and in their comunication with their parents.  Take the opportunity to build around some of the accomplishments and experiences to tell them that you are proud of them and how you enjoy sharing the life experiences and being with them.  Find real experiences that happened in the prior year that you can point to that build up your kids and encourage them in the characteristics that you admired.  A heart felt personal note will touch the soul of your child and give them something to read, re-read and hold on to for a lifetime.  If your kids are still too young to appreciate the letters go ahead and write them anyway.  Collect them and save them for a special time where you can give the collection as a gift when they will enjoy hearing about their early years and the experiences you shared together.  Others that have practiced this have shared that it is not uncommon to find that these letters become the most treasured gifts that are kept for a lifetime.   Take a few minutes for your childs birthday, buy some nice stationery and see the joy that this simple act brings to their face as the words they read penetrate their heart and encourage their soul.

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