When In Doubt, GO…Always Put Commitment Over Convenience


Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted"

Funerals are never convenient especially when they require driving 9 hours in the rain to attend.  Last weekend was the funeral of my brother in-law’s mother.  It was on a Saturday afternoon 4 1/2 hours drive away.  We had gymnastics practice, a boy scout camp out, homework and errands and flash flood warning that gave many excuses to stay home.  I have to admit that was also the last way I wanted to spend my weekend. 

However it is these events that bring families together and these events where the act of showing up sends a message of love and commitment to your family that are forever remembered.  When my wife  Julie’s father passed away my mother, father, sister, husband and 3 kids made the 3 hour trek to San Antonio.  What a statement that made to Julie’s mother and the rest of our family that we are here to support you.  We were given an out to not show up knowing that it was inconvenient.  As we contemplated our decision, Julie’ mother made a great comment.  You will never regret going, but you may regret not going.  When in doubt go.  If I have any regrets it is that I every thought twice about going.  The opportunity to be there for a couple hours and be forever in the moment and memory of the service and time of mourning with family is where we want to be.  Fortunately, we also have family support in Houston.  My parents shuttled the kids to their activities, I got to spend 9 hours alone with Julie, and we were blessed by family, testimony, music and love.  When in doubt, GO!  You will never regret going.

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