Encouragement From Mario Kart

Psalm 34:4 "I sought the Lord, and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears"

Yesterday my son showed me how he could compete with people all around the world in a video game.  The game was Mario Kart where each person controls a Kart and races 3 laps around the course.  If you hit “item boxes” that look like spinning boxes along the course you get weapons that you can use to slow down your opponents.  You can be delayed if you go off the course or crash allowing others to pass.  There are no fatal crashes, so if you go off course or crash you may lose your position, but you can complete the course.  During yesterday’s game he played against people from Europe and Japan.  They are ranked by their previous scores and my son was ranked #2 going into the race.  As I watched the race he was winning, but went off the course and went from first to third and then crashed and went from third to fifth.  Each time he jumped back on the course, used the weapons that he gained, and was able to gain ground and finish second.

What impressed me was that in life we also get knocked down, crash and get behind.  If we get back in the race, use all our resources and stay on course we can finish well.  This last week our manufacturing plant was flooded when a drainage pipe collapsed and brought 6″ of water into our warehouse, factory and offices.  I have such high expectations for 2012 and found myself at a low point last week seeing the challenges to regroup and get back on course, take care of all of our customer’s demands and expectations.  As we cleaned up each day was a little better than the last and with much effort from my entire team we were able to be back into full production.  Some of the cleanup will be a distraction and take several weeks, but we are back on course and I continue to have high hopes for a successful 2012.  Amazing how God can communicate and encourage us through the strangest ways if we sit still long enough and are open to hear His voice.  This week I was encouraged by the video Game Mario Kart as I saw the Kart go off course, crash and fall behind only to see with patience and persistence the ground lost was regained to finish the race in the top 2 positions.

It is my prayer that this week you will discover encouragement and hope to stay on course during trials that we all face.  God communicates to us in many ways.  It may not come in the way you expect, but if you seek Him you will find Him and He will deliver you from your fears.

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