Giving the Perfect Christmas Gift

Giving the Perfect Christmas Gift

I am writing to the husbands and fathers who, like me, find it easy to let our wives shop for the kids Christmas gifts and are quick to pick up a gift card or buy off the list provided for our wives.  There have been too many Christmas mornings that I am just as surprised as the kids to see what Dad got them for Christmas.  While this may be the path of least resistance and an easy way to check Christmas gifts off the list, we are the ones who miss out the most.  We are the ones who miss out on the joy of watching those we love the most receive a gift.  We are the one that miss planning and searching for that unique gift that expresses our love and allows us to experience the true joy of giving.

So, how do you find that “perfect gift”?  I will steal a line from my Pastor that describes
the perfect gift as one that.

  1. Meets the need of the one who receives the gift.
  2. Expresses the personality of the one who gives the gift.

How many of you have had their father ask for a shirt or tie?  I contend that almost anything that I can think of is more fun than giving my dad a tie.  A great gift is also a gift that the person would not buy for themselves.  Over the years I have enjoyed giving my mother and father a balloon ride, my wife a wetsuit, going to the skate shop after Christmas with my son to build a skateboard and buying a matching one for me so I can enjoy my second childhood at the local skatepark with him.  Since it is before Christmas I don’t want to spoil the gift I have for my daughter this year, but I am very excited to see the finished product and can’t wait for her to receive it and my love for her.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a memorable Christmas for you and for the ones you love.  Don’t miss the chance to receive the joy of giving.  Don’t miss the chance to express your personality and meet a need of the one you love.  So, go ahead think of something special they would not buy for themselves and splurge on a fun gift.

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